Quality Policy

It is FILTO PROFILES`s policy for the manufacture and sale of brass profiles to meet the expectations and needs of our Clients, maintaining and improving the quality of our products and the service provided. 

In short, the Quality Policy of FILTO PROFILES is based on the following principles:

  • Obtaining the highest level of customer satisfaction is the essential element of our company and the reason why we do what we do. This allows us to establish committed relationships based on trust, with great delivery times, high quality and competitive prices.
  • FILTO PROFILES is committed to the path of improvement to increase the quality and productivity of our products. and, for this we integrate the cycle of: Planning – Execution – Verification – Action in our Quality system.
  • FILTO PROFILES commits to maintain and improve a quality management system that is in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard as well as the normative, legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the activity within the sector.
  • Staff training to encourage their initiative, participation and motivation is an essential aspect for the success and development of the company.
  • Our Quality is measured, not only in meeting the specifications and requirements of our clientes, but also in exceeding the expectations in each and every one of the aspects of our business. Achieving this goal assures us leadership on our path to excellence.

The Management of FILTO PROFILES commits to communicate this policy in an understandable way for all personnel, to provide the necessary resources to uphold it, as well as to periodically review said policy through systematic revisions to guarantee its continuous adaptation.


Managing director
Fdo.: Xavier Serrat Canet

Vallirana, a 01 de Marzo de 2018