Our Values

FILTO PROFILES is a dynamic business project were we maximize our main assets: the people who,
working as a team, lead the company towards excellence, with permanent satisfaction of our clients in
collaboration with our external and internal collaborators with respect for the environment. All under a
framework of cooperation, communication, active participation and continuous improvements that allow us
to be successful in everything that we propose. And therefore guaranteeing continuous growth of the
company with the consequent creation of new jobs and the permanent generation of value.


Staff Quality

The Staff at FILTO PROFILES is the main reason for our success and that is why we accompany and guide them in their development and continuous growth within the company. Fostering their skills in making decisions with a futuristic vision, using goal oriented methods in all tasks entrusted upon them that are always carried out with enthusiasm and commitment, guaranteeing its continuity in FILTO PROFILES.

Diversity is fundamental as the sum of talent and the pride of belonging of all the people who make up the company, with the desire to establish long-term ties that can be extrapolated to our clients, with whom we want to grow together and achieve mutually beneficial collaboration.
Teamwork is also promoted under the atmosphere of trust and a feeling of belonging. Based on assertiveness, open and sincere communication is key to give maximum individual responsibility for the proper functioning of the whole. This way our technology, good practices and our team´s experience and knowledge, can be shared with our clients, suppliers and external collaborators.


Our self-demandingness is another factor behind our success. Our goal has been, and is, to make FILTO PROFILES a leader in its field, with high expectations and ambitious goals. The results we get daily are the measure of our worth showing that our ability and audacity guarantee our success


Market and customer orientation

The satisfaction of our clients by providing them solutions and quality products, guarantees their loyalty
and consequently our future. All this is the result of an excellent work of proactive management. Being
ahead of time, ensures that we do not miss market opportunities, identifying them and turning them into
reality before anyone else, continuously increasing our competitiveness.



Continuous improvement, process optimization and a job well done, in an environment of top quality (in all
areas of our organization) provides us with one of our main competitive advantages.
Thanks to our experience, we can simplify processes and streamline workflow, improving the production
cycle and achieving optimal productivity. Under the motto of finishing everything we start and the premise
of doing it right the first time, we are able to:

• Search continuously for productivity improvements
• Provide agility and flexibility in our services
• Maintain rigor, order and cleanliness
• Prepare jobs in head of time

  • Manage by objectives
  • Have fast response
  • Obtain quality manufacturing
  • Leader in integrative, motivating and participative style



Is an activity integrated into the whole organization with the participation of all areas; oriented to the
product, the process and the organization itself, in order to identify the key skills that differentiate us and
allow us to continue leading the market for brass profiles, thanks to our "know-how" and our process
reliability, quality and service.

Innovation allows us to accept change as the norm and not as the exception. Change is the foundation of
creativity and the basis of our leadership in the sector. Changes that are gradual and creative are
encouraged, always evaluating before carrying them out, the need, the repercussions and the benefits of
doing or not doing.


Social responsability

The commitment of FILTO PROFILES to good management, based on ethics and honesty, distinguishes us in everything related to respect for the law, safety at work, egalitarian policy, labour conciliation, the environment, sustainability, the circular economy and recycling. Our commitments are extended to all our collaborators.