Special Brass Profiles

At Filto Profiles we work with great precision on all designs or geometric shapes and always in accordance with the European EN-12167 or American ASTM-B455 standards. Our production process of Special Brass Profiles is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.

 Brass profiles are an optimal solution as they provide superior quality, detail and precision; reduce secondary machining costs and time, achieving a final piece with complex geometry. Our profiles are used mainly in these sectors

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Excelente Thermal and Electrical conductivity

Hardware and Machining

Great Machinability

Construction and Decoration

Incredible shapes with great resistance in an elegant and majestic color

Metal Warehouse

High-quality standard profiles with exceptional delivery times

The elegance provided by brass with its shiny golden colour makes brass profiles a key element in decoration and construction as well as providing high resistance. Brass has great mechanical properties and it’s excellent thermal and electrical conductivity makes brass profiles an essential element for making electrical parts. Thanks to the high resistance to corrosion provided by brass it is optimum for the production of great number of plumbing parts as well.

 At Filto we are equipped with our own Workshop were we make new toolings and dies, which makes us capable of making any profile shape you need. See our resources


We have a wide selection of material and can produce your profiles with any of the following alloys:


After the production, our Quality Department verifies the compositions of the brass profiles in our laboratory and issues a 3.1 certificate.

At Filto Profiles we are leaders in the manufacture of special brass profiles and expert exporters, with 95% of our production sold abroad, worldwide.

In the following link you can see some of our special profiles: See our portfolio


We also have a wide selection of standard profiles



Complex shapes


Cost effective