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FILTO PROFILES has modern facilities of 11000m 2 in Vallirana, which is a perfect location being near both the Barcelona freight port and international airport, as well as being only a short commute away from Europe’s great road communication. This creates the optimum conditions allowing us rapid logistics worldwide.


At FILTO PROFILES we have a complete machinery, designed and developed by our own technical team, that allows us to be in continuous evolution and innovation to provide solutions to our customers. We  have rigorous safety controls and reventive maintenance on all our machinery so that our operators can carry out their tasks with maximum safety. In recent years, a large part of the machinery has been renewed, both with mechanisms to improve productivity and efficiency, as well as with elements of prevention and safety at work, automating a large part of the processes to guarantee the final quality of the product.

Extrusion Section

At our facilities, the extrusion area was completely renovated in 2019, where its production capacity for special brass profiles was expanded. The extrusion press is specifically designed for brass profiles and so is our extrusion bench of more than 500m 2 , which incorporates stretching and cutting technology to adapt the profiles to any type of specification required.

Finishing Section

Faced with increasingly demanding demands, FILTO PROFILES has a multitude of machinery for additional operations to meet the specifications of customers who need products with special technical specifications.
We are equipped with:

  • Drawing line
  • Profile straightening line
  • Roll-Forming Line
  • Profiling Line
  • Drilling and countersinking line
  • Annealing furnace to release metal stresses
  • High precision cutting saw
  • Punching press line

Expeditions Section

FILTO PROFILES distributes its products worldwide, coordinating the logistics operators to ensure efficient delivery to anywhere in the world with very short delivery time.
The profiles are perfectly packaged in wooden boxes, protected from humidity, vibration and shocks, ensuring protection during transport.

ISO & Environment

We work according to the 2015 standard ISO 9001 and our control processes have been automated and all protocols have been updated. As a result of our commitment to the environment, our work process allows us to recover the wasted material in production so that it is reprocessed, generating new raw material under the supervision of the Catalan Waste Agency.

Testing Laboratory and Quality Control

The entire production process of FILTO PROFILES incorporates as a fundamental basis, the quality of the product, always following the customer’s specifications and the international metallurgy standards of DIN and ASTM. To ensure top quality we have an exclusive department with a laboratory equipped with the most rigorous machinery and controls to guarantee the alloys, hardness, tension, colour and all the properties that the client seems appropriate. Likewise, FILTO’s quality protocol includes random geometry controls both in hot and cold processes.



In our Dieshop we have our own team of professionals who design, make and maintain the dies and tools in optimum conditions. The high technical knowledge of the processes combined with the experience, gives us the maximum guarantee that the profiles meet all specifications. Communication between our technical team with sales and production is what guarantees our success in the development of new profile. We have renewed our die facilities guaranteeing both optimization of time and technique.

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The FILTO PROFILES Team is made of young and motivated people who face challenges with enthusiasm together with older and more experienced workers. Together they form a brilliant team where each individual is formed in its area of speciality and communicates and works together with all of our different departments; technicians, production,