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Filto Profiles is a European Industrial group with more than 30 years of
experience in the brass profile market. At FILTO PROFILES, our first
objective is the continuous search for our customer’s satisfaction through
the quality of our products and services. This has established us as the
leading company in the production of high-quality special brass profiles and
for this reason, special brass profiles, is the main focus of our production. It
allows us the possibility of manufacturing short series, working according to
the needs and specifications of our clients, making reality the desired
profile through the work of our technical and design departments. 

The company is a leader in the metal recycling and efficient management of smoke


Our Values

At FILTO PROFILES, we develop, transform and commercialize quality brass. Offering it in the form of
both standard and special extruded profiles to customers around the world. Thanks to the reliability of the
product, our attentive services and the best possible price, we can guarantee the loyalty of our customers,
while ensuring our sustainability and durability.


Quality & Certifications

Our operating System incorporates product quality as a fundamental element, based on the characteristics indicated by the customer; to ensure our success our production processes are operated under IOS 9001:2015 provisions. We have the ISO 9001 standard by 2008, and we are proud to continuously renew our ISO 9001:2015 certificate due the correct quality management.

As a result of our commitment to the environment, our work processes allow us to recover the waste production, thus generating new raw material reprocessed under the supervision of the competent authorities. 

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