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Pol. Ind. Can Prunera, Carrer Solsonès 14 Nau "A", 08759 VALLIRANA (Barcelona)
 Tel.  (+34) 93.683.42.56  Fax: (+34) 93.683.38.06  e-Mail: filto@filto.com

FILTO PROFILES distributes its products worldwide, coordinated the logistics operators to ensure efficient delivery to anywhere in the world with very short deadlines.

The profiles are perfectly packaged in wooden boxes, protected from humidity, and vibration and shocks, ensuring protection during transport.



We have the ISO 9001 standard by 2015, the control processes have been automated and all protocols have been updated.


As a result of our commitment to the environment, our work processes allow us to recover the waste production, thus generating new raw material reprocessed under the supervision of the Waste Agency of Catalonia


The FILTO PROFILES team is a young and motivated team, facing challenges with enthusiasm. All very cohesive and continuous communication between the different areas, technical, production, sales and administration, always rewarding the effectiveness and productivity.


FILTO PROFILES has modern premises of 11 000 m2, perfectly located in Vallirana close to  Barcelona Port and International Airport, as well as a good road communication with Europe, which allows to give fast worldwide logistical response.


We have the most complete machinery, designed and developed by our own technical team, which lets us be in constant evolution and innovation to provide solutions to our customers. However keep the machinery under strict security controls and preventive maintenance so that ours operators perform their task with utmost safety.

Over the past two years much of the machinery was renewed,  to improve both productivity and efficiency, as elements of prevention and safety at work. Automating processes to ensure the final quality product.


All the FILTO PROFILES production process incorporates fundamental basis. The product quality, always following the customer's specifications and international standards of DIN and ASTM metallurgy.


To ensure quality we have an exclusive department, which has a laboratory with equipments and controls to ensure more rigorous alloys, hardness, tension, color and all the properties that the client considers appropriate. However, the FILTO PROFILES quality protocols include random checks of geometry as hot as cold.

die workshop


We have a professional team in our own workshop, where we design, prepare and maintain matrices. The high technical knowledge of the process combined with our experience; gives us the maximum assurance that the profile meets the specifications required.


Communication with our technical team is the guarantee of success in developing new profiles. During 2011, our renovated tooling facilities, ensuring a significant optimization of time and technique.



The area of ​​extrusion is a completely renovated facility at 2005 to expand its production capacity to more than 8 tons daily of special brass profile.

The extrusion press is designed specifically for brass with a bench of 300 m2, which includes drawing and cutting technology to fit the profile to any required specification.

Finishing section


We have:

- Drawning line

- Line-Addressing profiles

- Roll-Forming-line

- Furnace to release tension of the metal

- Cutting precise servicing, stamping, varnishing, lacquering, polishing or surface treatments

expeditions section