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FILTO PROFILES, offers the option to cold calibrate special profiles. Through this process, we obtain profiles with more precise dimensional tolerances, which can then be transformed using high-performances machine tools.



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Pol. Ind. Can Prunera, Carrer Solsonès 14 Nau "A", 08759 VALLIRANA (Barcelona)
 Tel.  (+34) 93.683.42.56  Fax: (+34) 93.683.38.06  e-Mail:

Filto Decoration
- Bathroom accessories
- Tap units
- Lighting
- Fittings

Filto Industrial
- Electrical components
- Electronic components
- Valves
- Manometer components
- Maritime sector components
- Machining

Filto Standard
- Flat bars   
- Angles
- Structural “U” shapes
- Structural “T” shapes
- Rounds

- CuZn36Pb3 CW603N

- CuZn37Pb1 CW605N

- Lead Free Brass

- CuZn39Pb3 CW614N

- CuZn40Pb2 CW617N

- CuZn40Pb2Al CW618N


- CuZn43Pb1Al CW622N

- CuZn43Pb2Al CW624N


FILTO PROFILES, manufacture wide range of special brass profiles, having different alloys, suitable for the manufacture of those profiles, guaranteeing the customer a specialized manufacturing

Filto Basic
- Joints and angles for floor and wall

Filto Ramp
- Transitions for floors with varying levels

Filto Tech
  -  Joints, Separators and skirting

Filto Step
  -  Staircase treads

Filto Handrail
  - Handrails

 FiIto Ironmongery
  - Hinges
  - Locks
  - Padlocks
  - Bolts
  - Door Handles
  - U-Bends
  - Door Knobs
  - Moldings
  - Window frames